So in doing research I have found that when you type “female incontinence” in the search bar, the first thing that comes up is DEPENDS. However I don’t want to treat the symptoms with products. I want them to STOP! So as much as I want to focus on treatment, I do recognize that we generally DO start with liners and pads however . . . (drum roll please) I accidentally stumbled upon that TAMPONS have worked! They absorb the urine and last approximately 10 hours, but of course that isn’t medically safe or recommended.

I’ve also found that during a normal period, when I used my menstrual cup, it presses on my urethra and slows the flow, so I have used the cup to control my incontinence, however it back fired as I was unable to actually urinate when I needed to as (I can only assume) my urethra and/or bladder was so fatigued from the amount of coughing, that it was too weak to actually produce a stream. So I had to remove the cup any time I needed to pee. (Again, not recommended.)

So I have to pay out of pocket to see a pelvic floor specialist or purchase a device online.