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Out of Hospital Birth

“And then when it comes to how a mother feels and acts in an out-of-hospital birth, the difference is often striking. My clients have told me that when allowed to move about in a calm and peaceful environment, often their homes, they are able to relax and enjoy her labor in a way that many women in a hospital setting find difficult. These images illustrate the incredible beauty and joy that is so often seen in an out-of-hospital birth.”...

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Why not in America?

Guidance from National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) says that midwife-led care has been shown to be safer for women and recommends that all women with low-risk pregnancies – 45% of the total – should be advised that giving birth in a midwifery-led unit, whether attached to a hospital or not, is “particularly...

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Breastfeeding in Public Social Experiment

Do you feel you can feed your baby in public here in the AV?? Tell us your story BreastFeeding in Public (Social Experiment) What is your opinion on Public Breast Feeding? LIKE MY PAGE FOR A PART 2 coming tomorrow! Joey Salads Source: (1) Joey Salads – BreastFeeding in Public (Social...

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Makeover My Diaper Bag

Makeover My Diaper Bag – Stephanie Fritz A lot of this can be purchased right here in the AV at the Whole Wheatery.  Also, we have a handful of ladies who sell essential oils. How to Makeover My Diaper Bag – Now you can make everything from homemade wipes to natural baby powder and even diaper cream with pure essential oils. Source: Makeover My Diaper Bag – Stephanie...

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