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The Transformative Power of Bids for Connection | TEDxUCR

Butler’s Coffee  •  Tue, Jul 18  •  10:oo am  •  Kid Friendly AVBRN member Lesley Yadon will be at Mom’s Circle tomorrow morning, July 18, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. discussing how to calm your mom worry!  This is a free event at kid friendly Butler’s Coffee in Palmdale. Visit her website and stop by for a coffee. In this vulnerable and inspiring talk, Lesley Yadon describes how bids for connection helped transformed her motherhood and eventually led her to re-creating her life with less worry and more joy. Lesley applies the concept of “bids for connection,” created by John...

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What to do when the adrenaline wears off

Last time I wrote about the pleasant surprise I got after giving birth: adrenaline! That blog was all about how helpful adrenaline is.  Read the full blog here. It’s got good stuff! This time I want to talk about what to do when the adrenaline wears off.  Uh oh! All that extra energy is gone and ya feel like you fell down some stairs and then swam underwater for too long and then had someone bleed you with leeches. Okay so maybe that description is a bit vivid and exaggerated but it is no exaggeration to say at some point...

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How your body cares for you and how to care for your body with a newborn

    If you are pregnant for the first time and a little worried about what to expect in those first couple months of your newborn baby’s life, I have good news for you! You will have help: a little something called Adrenaline. I totally had no idea what would happen with a newborn but I did expect to be completely sleep deprived and exhausted.  While this was true, I also discovered something a lot of other moms have talked about too: the wonder of adrenaline. For me, and many other mothers we experience a surge of adrenaline during the...

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How I had to take my own advice & restart a bad day

The very next day after writing my blog about how to restart a bad day (3 Keys to pushing the restart button on a bad day) I had one of those days. Arthur woke up at 3am and didn’t go back to sleep and I had soooo much work to do that day! The morning just started out sucky and my brain felt so foggy and heavy. I was mad. Not at Arthur but at reality. The truth is, I struggled big time with my own Key #2. I really, really wanted to feel sorry for myself. I didn’t...

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Harness the power of your body when you’re feeling judged

Nothing is more wounding than receiving judgment Nothing is more wounding to a new mom than receiving criticism and judgment from those around you.  Here you are, completely brand new to being a mother, tired, confused and doing your absolute best to care for this tiny human who can’t communicate other than cry or scream and someone tells you that “You are wrong.”  This judgment comes from everywhere even when you least expect it- from professionals like callous nurses or doctors, from loved ones like in-laws or your mother, from total strangers at the grocery store even! It’s no wonder new...

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