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Introduction to Cloth Diapering

Introduction to Cloth Diapering I’m a cloth diapering mom of three. Yep, three in diapers! My 3 year old toddler (who is finally getting the hang of potty training), and 7 month old twins. I don’t pretend to be an expert when it comes to cloth, but I’ve got a few years’ worth of experience under my belt and am happy to share my knowledge with other families. Cloth diapering can be intimidating at first, and seem super overwhelming. So, I’ll share a few simple tips here and if you want to learn more, join me at the Introduction...

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I’m Glad Someone Told Me | Stephanie Sprenger

Our babies don’t all coo blissfully and sh*t unicorn glitter. This is a great read! Whatever your transition to motherhood entails, we’re here to provide you with love, support, and validation. Join us at our weekly Mom’s Circle for some quality time with other mothers who will lift you up and let you know you’re not alone in the motherhood journey. And, if you’re wanting some additional support during the postpartum transition, we can recommend some excellent postpartum doulas! Source: I’m Glad Someone Told Me | Stephanie...

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13 Life Changing Shopping Tips With Children!

Ugh! Shopping with littles can be such a challenge! This video of tips to make the process easier is pure genius! Check it out at What’s Up Moms and change your shopping experience for the better. I love the pool noodle idea and think I’ll try the Cheerios necklace next time we’re out and about. If you have small children, planning a trip to the grocery store can be more like planning a battle, especially if you have to make the journey without your fellow parent by your side. Between calming the kids’ tantrums, cleaning up messes, trying to avoid germs and attempting to carry a ton of bags and a child, it’s really a wonder more of us don’t have empty fridges and take-out every night of the week. Even when you do succeed, the process is so stressful we usually have to run out of some staple like toilet paper before we attempt the trip. Is there any way to make it easier? Yes! Thirteen ways, in fact, here straight from the smarties over on What’s Up Moms! Watch what they have to say and stop dreading those grocery store runs forever. Source: Parents! You’re Going to Wish You Knew These 13 Grocery...

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23 Incredibly Helpful Charts For New Parents

Some of these charts may be a little over-simplified, but there is still some good information in here! I am a huge fan of car seat safety and appreciate the car seat information (although I do recommend thoroughly reading the manual for you child’s seat to learn their specific guidelines).  Which chart is your favorite? Did you learn something new? Understand the little person in your home a whole lot better. Check out all 23 charts direct from the source on Buzzfeed: 23 Incredibly Helpful Charts For New...

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What’s Your Motherhood Number?

Motherhood. How do you define motherhood? A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook about the loss of her precious baby through miscarriage. She opened her heart and her pain to her Facebook friends. As I was leaving an encouraging comment on her post, I was struck by the many other mothers who had commented and shared about their losses. It got me thinking about what makes a mother and suddenly, these words came to me. “My motherhood is not defined by the number of children who live in my home, but by the number of children who live...

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