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Evidence on Membrane Sweeping

Has your doctor told you that  ‘if you don’t go into labor by  X  weeks, I’m going to strip your membranes.’?  Or worse yet, has your doctor performed a membrane sweep without your consent?  Are there times a membrane sweep can help?  What are the Pros and Cons?  Watch the video to see what you can learn about membrane sweeping!!! For the full article,...

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Can we talk about periods?

“My favorite thing to talk about, are the things you’re NOT supposed to talk about” – Miki Agrawal She had me right there.  I am SO the same way! That being said, can we talk about periods for a minute? You see I have two girls, one in 5th grade and one in 7th.  Guess what they and their friends are talking about these days, PERIODS.  And guess who they talk to? The lady with the uterus. Mind you, my girls are completely embarrassed by the fact that their mother talks about periods, placenta and uteri so casually (especially...

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