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What to Reject When You’re Expecting

Infants in this country are more than twice as likely to die before their first birthday as those in Japan and Finland. And America now ranks behind 59 other countries in preventing mothers from dying during childbirth and is one of only eight countries in the world, along with Afghanistan and El Salvador, whose maternal mortality rate is rising. There are plenty of articles to read about what to do to improve your chances at a positive birth experience. These are 10 procedures a low risk woman should AVOID to have a positive birth experience. Want to know why?...

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Skin to Skin in the OR

Immediately after babies are born, they are stressed out by the experience, and their bodies are coursing with stress hormones — which make them more sensitive to odor and more able to root out Mom’s nipple and latch on. But after waiting too long, she says, “those stress hormones drop.”

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Biggest C-Section Risk May Be Your Hospital

While some women opt for a cesarean, and some have a legitimate emergency that requires this surgery, the majority of women who have cesareans are at a higher risk simply because of the hospital they choose. Let that sink in for a moment. It isn’t demographics. It isn’t privilege or status.  It is merely WHERE you choose to have your baby. What doctors fail to tell you is the associated long term risks with having that first...

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Free or low cost doulas? Say it isn’t so!

Many mothers in the US will be going to deliver their first or subsequent child in a hospital, ALONE while the father of their newborn is deployed in another country, working or no longer in the picture.  Many of these moms have been uprooted from their families and are alone or worst yet, are homeless.  Many of these families can not afford a labor support person who will be with them throughout the entire labor and delivery of their precious baby.  That is why The Joy in Birthing Foundation was created.  To offer low cost or free doulas and childbirth educators to...

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