We had several new ladies and little ones at the AVBRN Mom’s Circle this morning.  We meet every Tuesday morning at 10:00 am.

If you haven’t been to Butler’s Coffee its a great little cafe that “offers a wide array of delicious, freshly brewed coffee and coffee drinks, a full menu of smoothies, delectable sandwiches and baked goods; and live acoustic music.”

I usually have the sausage and egg burrito.  Heather had the egg and bagel sandwich.  Both were excellent and my cafe mocha was just right.

The atmosphere is welcoming for moms and babies.  They have a toddler play area in the corner of the dining room and the tables and chairs are easy to move around.

The only drawback is the location.  It’s in the small strip mall near the Goodwill across the street from Walmart and Sams’s Club off of 10th St West just north of the Antelope Valley Mall.  It’s not hard to find, just challenging to get to if you’re coming from the south.  There’s no access to the parking lot from the northbound lane of 10th St so you have to go to one of the lights to enter.  Not a big deal, but can cause you to drive around in circles for a minute until you figure it out.

Overall, we really enjoy Butler’s Coffee.  With a full menu, a toddlers play area and, of course, coffee it’s a great place for new and expecting moms to visit.

Source: Welcome to Butler’s Coffee