Many women report that Bengkung Belly Binding feels great and helps them will all kinds of conditions.  One mom who had been wearing her wrap after giving birth only a few days prior reported “significant improvement in recovery” compared to a previous pregnancy.  Another said this is the quickest recovery she’s had is already “wearing most of my regular clothes at only 2 weeks from giving birth!”  Still another new mom reported that she’s “3 weeks postpartum and my belly is flat, with the inches shrinking!!”  This past weekend I was a vendor at a craft fair and wrapped a visitor to my booth.  A few hours later she said the wrap feels great and her headache was gone.  These are all first hand accounts of how Bengkung has worked.

Bengkung belly binding is on the rise and many childbirth educators, doulas, and midwives are offering the service.  It’s quickly becoming very popular and with the feedback I’ve received from my customers you can see why.  Also, it doesn’t hurt that they come in a variety of colors and the Indian batiks are really pretty.

However, claims of what belly binding can do for you are also becoming prevalent.  Every day I see someone praising the benefits of belly binding.  Sometimes, wrapping is recommended in combination with essential oils or some other type of belly paste.  Sadly, these claims can sometimes be inflated.  You need to be aware that nobody can accurately make the claim that Bengkung belly binding will work for you.  It MAY work, it MIGHT work, but it’s not guaranteed to work.

While I do have many testimonials on my website I also make it very clear that it’s not guaranteed.  The notice is plainly stated on the front page of Your Birth’s Bengkung website and on the Bengkung page of Your Birth’s main website.  I also make and sell Bengkung belly wraps on my Etsy shop.

The benefits of Bengkung belly binding are amazing.  The wraps certainly provide positive outcomes for many women (and men.)  But the results are not scientifically proven.  There is no body of research to cite and most OB’s have probably never heard of the technique.

If you’ve had a great experience, or a not so pleasant outcome with Bengkung belly binding then please leave a comment and share your results.