I absolutely love getting feedback like this! I like it even more when women are willing to share their positive birth stories.

If you’re looking for empowerment and you want to achieve your ideal birth, your best chance for success is education and support. Take a Lamaze class and find someone you trust to stand by your side when you go into labor.

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So, I wanted to share with you my giving birth experiences, before and after your Lamaze class.

When I went into labor with my first baby, obviously I didn’t know too much about anything. I went in, they got me a room after they checked me and I was at 3 ½ cm. There were a Lot of people there; it seemed like someone was running in and out of my room all the time.

The nurse kept checking me all the time. After a few times she “accidently” broke my water. Baby dropped because of this and it was so painful. She immediately got the doctor and they had me pushing almost right away. I didn’t have the urge to push yet, but I did what they told me.

There was another doctor in the room (I found out later because the female doctor that was delivering Angel was new to Kaiser) who said that we might have to do a C-section because of baby’s heart rate dropping.

I ended up delivering with them using the ‘vacuum’ to help him come out. Without that one nurse I wouldn’t have made it through. She was the only one coaching and helping me deliver.

The doctor treated me like I was the last patient on a ‪Friday night‬. She seemed annoyed with me through the whole delivery. (If I had done your classes before this I would have asked for someone else!) She did do an episiotomy. After she was done sewing I asked about taking care of the incision because I didn’t want it to get infected. She made the comment that I better took care of it correctly since she did “a great job” down there.

I had horrible hemorrhoids and dealt with those for weeks. The whole thing was so traumatizing I didn’t think I could ever give birth without medications again. It took a year before I could imagine even becoming pregnant again.

Then I went to your class.

With this birth they wanted to induce me because it was not likely for me to start labor naturally since I had been at 3 cm for over 2 weeks already and he went 6 days past my due date.

My husband and I already decided that we were still going to wait. I did everything I could to get it going. The day before they wanted me to come in to get induced I had an appointment with a different doctor to see how long I could go without being induced, but that morning I went into labor.

I told the nurse right to begin with that I wanted to try my best without meds and that I want everything as natural as possible. I told her I wanted to listen to my body when it came to pushing. I told her I didn’t want my water broken.

She rarely checked me at all. After 4 hours my labor still hadn’t made any progress so she asked me if she could give me some Pitocin which I was ok with. She just kept monitoring the baby through the monitors on my stomach. At one time when she rearranged the monitors my water broke.

I could tell it was time for it because of how it felt – it just leaked out and this time it didn’t affect me or baby. She changed the pad and told me to let her know when I felt like having a bowel movement. She was so calm and sweet.

When I told her that my body needed to start pushing she got the doctor. They all were awesome helping me through labor; even the baby nurse helped coaching. Baby was delivered without any issues, and this time I didn’t need help with anything getting him out. It was a wonderful experience. I also did not have any issues with hemorrhoids this time at all.

I want to thank you again for providing me and the others with your class. It had a huge impact on me and I feel very strong about myself and how my body works.