“My favorite thing to talk about, are the things you’re NOT supposed to talk about” – Miki Agrawal

She had me right there.  I am SO the same way! That being said, can we talk about periods for a minute?
You see I have two girls, one in 5th grade and one in 7th.  Guess what they and their friends are talking about these days, PERIODS.  And guess who they talk to? The lady with the uterus. Mind you, my girls are completely embarrassed by the fact that their mother talks about periods, placenta and uteri so casually (especially to their friends), however take yourself back to the time when your classmates were getting their period.  You had so many questions: What does it feel like? When will I get mine? What happens if I get it while I’m at school? On the field? On stage? How can I conceal it? What products do I use? How do I tell my mom? These are just some of the things on the forefront of preteen girls’ minds!

I stumbled upon a post this morning, that simply read “I’m loving my THINX panties !!”  I had no idea what they were.  ‘Are they like Spanx? Are they intellectual panties?’ So I looked them up. Period panties.  I had no idea there was such a creation.  After a bit of research I found that not only are they a thing, but there is a website that reviews the top TEN!!!!  Who knew?!?
That being said, I watched the video above on the Thinx website and it gave me some things to think about. According to their video, the tampon was invented in 1931. Despite cloth pads having been used for over 100 years, only in 1969 were adhesive strips finally added to the pads.  Then in the 80’s menstrual cups were invented and are still rarely used. (I personally had NO IDEA they were invented in the 80’s!)

“We get a new phone every single year but you’re telling me that 50 years have gone by between the invention of the tampon and the invention of a menstrual cup?!?!”

That is why Miki, her twin sister Radha and friend Antonia created period panties.  Panties that are used either in place of pads, or if you prefer, a back up to menstrual cups or tampons.

But what I love about the makers of Thinx, is that they are trying to break the taboo of menstruation. “It’s time that we break the taboo and have easy, and open and shame free conversations about this stuff”, Sophia Bush. What’s crazy to me is that it is taboo, despite the fact that all women were created to do this. It is 100% natural. And guess what, we all have had leaks and horror stories of leaks. My personal worst disaster was at a friend Kim’s house.  Two other women happened to come by and I bled not only out of my shorts, but down to my knee!  I remember being rather astonished at how much blood came out of my body, however I remember the look on one woman’s face when she saw it – she acted as if I had a communicable disease and actually recoiled!!!

I tell my daughters and you stories like this so we can break that ‘taboo’ stigma.  It’s natural ladies! Lets not increase or give way to any additional insecurities or shame to our daughters! So please, you’re your story below on your worst period disaster, or even share your story of the time you started – because I want my girls to know – it happens to all of us.


For more information on Thinx, visit HERE and for information on Miki Agrawal, click HERE.