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Evidence on Membrane Sweeping

Has your doctor told you that  ‘if you don’t go into labor by  X  weeks, I’m going to strip your membranes.’?  Or worse yet, has your doctor performed a membrane sweep without your consent?  Are there times a membrane sweep can help?  What are the Pros and Cons?  Watch the video to see what you can learn about membrane sweeping!!! For the full article,...

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Rebozos – Using Tools of the Past for the Modern Birth

The rebozo is a traditional Mexican shawl that women have used for hundreds of years to aid in early and active labor. Check out this great article on Fox News.  They interviewed Gail Tully, a nurse-midwife who created a entire birth education series based on using the rebozo for pregnant women and their partners. I’ve been to Gail’s training several times and attended the Spinning Babies© conference last year!  I teach rebozo techniques in my Childbirth classes.   Click here for a schedule of upcoming dates and book your spot. The traditional rebozos are gorgeous and can cost hundreds, even thousands,...

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