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New Guidance Encourages Doctors to Limit Interventions

We’ve known for some time now that the cascade of interventions can contribute to an abnormally high rate of cesarean section deliveries.  Not that the life saving technique doesn’t have it’s place, but with their recent committee opinion, ACOG seems to be acknowledging that just because interventions are available doesn’t mean they may be the best option.             In its abstract, ACOG encourages OB-GYNs to collaborate with midwives, nurses, the patients themselves and their support team (doula) to promote the use of labor techniques that “are associated with minimal interventions and high rates of...

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What to Reject When You’re Expecting

Infants in this country are more than twice as likely to die before their first birthday as those in Japan and Finland. And America now ranks behind 59 other countries in preventing mothers from dying during childbirth and is one of only eight countries in the world, along with Afghanistan and El Salvador, whose maternal mortality rate is rising. There are plenty of articles to read about what to do to improve your chances at a positive birth experience. These are 10 procedures a low risk woman should AVOID to have a positive birth experience. Want to know why?...

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Evidence Based Birth® Rolls Out New Directory

Evidence Based Birth by Rebecca Dekker has launched their new directory to help you find Evidence Based instructors, and guess whose listed?  AVBRN’s very own Patty Grider!  She has a new class coming up so give her a call! Patty Grider is an Instructor at Evidence Based Birth®. Visit our directory to view their profile! Source: Patty Grider | Evidence Based Birth® Instructor...

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Comfort Measures for Childbirth

Designed for today’s busy family, Comfort Measures for Childbirth is the perfect class to start your journey, practice what you’ve already learned or brush-up and get ready for your birth. This 3 hour class is on Wednesday, January 11 at 6 pm at the AV Birth Center. At a comfort measures class you’ll learn the basic positioning, movements, and techniques for helping reduce pain and increase your ability to achieve your ideal birth. This class will have less lecture and more hands-on as you get ready greet your new arrival. Discussion, demonstration, and practice: Birth ball and peanut ball...

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