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Your Birth Lamaze Classes Now Offered Through City of Palmdale

Lamaze Classes Now in Palmdale Your Birth is excited to announce that Lamaze Childbirth Classes are now offered through the City of Palmdale Parks and Recreation Department! In partnership with the City of Palmdale, Your Birth will now be offering Lamaze Classes on Wednesday evenings beginning January 10th, 2018. Visit City of Palmdale website to sign up. Class sizes are limited.  Course registration is open so don’t wait…book your spot today! Lamaze Classes in Palmdale Wednesdays, 6 to 9 pm Legacy Commons 930 East Ave Q-9 Palmdale, CA, 93550   Legacy...

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Fever: Fear it or Embrace it?

The fever.  One of the most common reasons children are brought to the emergency room.  As an ER nurse, I created this presentation Fever: Fear it or embrace it? to teach parents about fevers so they can understand whether to fear it or embrace it.  Held at the Antelope Valley Birth Center August 30th at 6:00pm and September 23rd at CalCity Fitness Center at noon. Some of the topics covered are: What is a fever and what does it do? What causes a fever? When do you call the doctor? What are febrile seizures? Risks and benefits of antibiotics Ibuprofen and acetaminophen: how they work, and the risks associated with their use Natural methods to support a child or adult with a fever How to know if they are getting better? Click on the link above or here for all the details of this...

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Love Your Gut: The Story of Your Microbiome

Heads up Santa Clarita/Valencia StaciJoy, Holistic RN, will be in town sharing about the second brain, our gut and its microbiome on Wednesday, 7/19 at 7p. Please let me know by messaging me on my Facebook page if you decide to attend and/or need any additional resources otherwise you are welcome to RSVP by clicking the Facebook icon below. Attendance is free but advanced registration is required. Via Conveying Awareness with Jessica David. Be well!  Love Your Gut July 19th at 7:00 PM...

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Introduction to Cloth Diapering

Introduction to Cloth Diapering I’m a cloth diapering mom of three. Yep, three in diapers! My 3 year old toddler (who is finally getting the hang of potty training), and 7 month old twins. I don’t pretend to be an expert when it comes to cloth, but I’ve got a few years’ worth of experience under my belt and am happy to share my knowledge with other families. Cloth diapering can be intimidating at first, and seem super overwhelming. So, I’ll share a few simple tips here and if you want to learn more, join me at the Introduction...

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Monday Bitez in Lancaster!

I counted 18 food trucks in Sgt. Steve Owen (formerly Lancaster City) Park today! A DJ truck was playing music while Heather, Nick and I had dinner in the park on our blanket and cedar roll up table.  Heather had LA Street Mac & Cheese, I tried the Maine Lobster Tacos, and Nick had a Philly Cheese-steak. Next event is Monday, May 15 starting at 5 pm.  It may look bad, but parking was easy.  You just gotta cruise through the parking lot a couple times!   Source: Monday Bitez in...

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