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Herbally Yours Open House!

Herbally Yours Open House  Herbally Yours Open House Sale! Bulk organic herbs, DIY table, Kids table, herb games, containers for sale to store your homemade balms, salves, and tinctures, and many more items. Select supplements, herbal tinctures, and other natural and organic herbal products for adults, children, pregnancy and lactation will be available as well. There will be mini lectures given throughout the day, raffle prizes, and herb teas to sample. This is a great time to begin or add to your home apothecary! Join the Herbally Yours private Facebook Group    Herbally Yours Open House Saturday May...

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Supermoon vs. Geminds

 Full Moon and Meteors Monday, December 13, 2016 after dark…   Full moon vs. meteor shower tonight.  Spoiler altert:   the full moon wins. That doesn’t mean I wont be at the firepit tonight… Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks This Week, But Supermoon Full Moon Interferes...

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Tour the AV Birth Center

Click here and make plans to tour the AV’s only free-standing birth center. Reservations must be made in advance and walk-in’s are not accepted. You don’t want to show up and find the tour has been canceled due to a birth! Birth center in the antelope valley,providing prenatal, labor, birth support, postpartum, and well woman care. The Antelope Valleys only Free Standing Birth Center Source: Schedule A...

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Play Minecraft at Cinemark 22 in Lancaster

Minecraft by Roger by Marcus Perrson of BagoGames.  Creative Commons 2.0. Play Minecraft at Cinemark 22 in Lancaster $60 for four weeks of Minecraft on the big screen!  Every Wednesday afternoon starting at 4:30 from Star Wars Day (May 4th) through May 25th. From the FAQs: Q:  Can parents attend? Can friends cheer me on? A:  Parents and non-gaming attendees do not have to sign up and are welcome to join their gamers inside the theatre. Anyone who wants to play must purchase a Super League: Rise of Heroes Ticket. Q:  What is Super League Gaming? A:  The first and biggest...

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Fever: Fear it or Embrace it?

Fever: Fear it or Embrace it? Have you ever been frightened when your little one had a fever?  Were unsure what to do?  Give ibuprofen?  Acetaminophen?  How often should you take their temperature?  Which thermometer do you use?  Come learn all about fevers, sort out a few myths, and learn how to naturally support a fever during this class taught by Deborah Lessenevith, RN at the Antelope Valley Birth Center. There are 2 different times to attend the class on April 19, 2016. Click here to join the event. Cost: $10.00 per person Payment method: cash or PayPal ( send...

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