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Show Me the Numbers

Using Research The topic of the the latest AVBRN doulas meeting was all about navigating current research and implementing it into a doula practice.  Since the majority of doulas and midwives are not PhD clinical researchers, the information is highly relevant but, honestly, it’s pretty boring.  Doulas and the families they serve are interested mainly on the plain language summaries and not so much with the pages upon pages of double-blind research tables. On the heels of that recent meeting of the minds, I came across this article by Plumbtree Baby discussing how care providers have been known to...

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Comfort Measures for Birth Doulas Workshop

Learn and review the basics in positioning and exercises designed to help the laboring woman in this course for birth doulas and labor support professionals.  Up to date techniques for using the rebozo & birth ball.  Use of innovative tools such as the peanut ball and tens unit are included in this three hour course.  We’ll also discuss proper posture and positioning for the doula while providing labor support and finish up with how to wrap a Bengkung Belly Bind for use by birth doulas as a recovery tool.   Thursday, February 16th at 2:00 pm in Ridgecrest.  Exact...

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Out of Hospital Birth

“And then when it comes to how a mother feels and acts in an out-of-hospital birth, the difference is often striking. My clients have told me that when allowed to move about in a calm and peaceful environment, often their homes, they are able to relax and enjoy her labor in a way that many women in a hospital setting find difficult. These images illustrate the incredible beauty and joy that is so often seen in an out-of-hospital birth.”...

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