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Why not in America?

Guidance from National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) says that midwife-led care has been shown to be safer for women and recommends that all women with low-risk pregnancies – 45% of the total – should be advised that giving birth in a midwifery-led unit, whether attached to a hospital or not, is “particularly...

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Women With A Doula Are Less Likely To Have Preterm Birth

A study published online Thursday by the journal Birth suggests that offering women the support of a certified doula could save Medicaid and perhaps private insurers real money — nearly $1,000 a birth — by reducing cesarean and preterm births. This NPR article about this study has been making the rounds lately in the doulasphere.  The significance being that this is the first time a study has actually shown that doula care can save insurance companies money – an average of $986 per birth.  Or is it? What’s being left out is some data from the preliminary findings from...

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