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Welcome Rachel and Kelly

AVBRN’s Newest Members The Antelope Valley Birth Resource Network continues to grow with two new members!  Please help me welcome Kelly Wilson and Rachel Jones. Rachel Jones, AAHCC Rachel is a childbirth educator affiliated with The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth™. She has been teaching couples the Bradley™ way to have a healthy pregnancy and birth since 2013. She has safely birthed four healthy babies into the waiting hands of her loving and supportive husband/coach. She did so in water births at home under the watchful care of her midwives. She has been breastfeeding her babies since 2010 at...

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Requiring texting on a driving test

We all know.  We all have heard.  Texting while driving is dangerous.  But what if you needed to text while driving through an obstacle course in order to pass your test? Check it out.

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Why not in America?

Guidance from National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) says that midwife-led care has been shown to be safer for women and recommends that all women with low-risk pregnancies – 45% of the total – should be advised that giving birth in a midwifery-led unit, whether attached to a hospital or not, is “particularly...

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Sagebrush Cafe Coffee and Art House

Sagebrush Cafe Coffee and Art House The Sagebrush Cafe Coffee and Art House is a great little cafe in Quartz Hill.  Located right on the corner of L-14 and 50th St West, across the from Post Office and Dominos Pizza.  If you are a fan of local coffee shops or just want to try something different that the retail chain stores, give this place a try.  I suggest the Earl Grey Mountain if you’re into tea or my go-to coffee drink which is a non-fat, half-sweet mocha with no whip cream. Source: Sagebrush Cafe – Sagebrush Cafecoffee & art...

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