If you’re pregnant with a breech baby, twins or if you have had a prior cesarean, you will most likely be met with resistance or down right denial of attempt to delivery your child(ren) vaginally. You are coerced into agreeing to a cesarean because you have no other choice. Doctors and hospital staff tell you it’s dangerous to attempt a vaginal delivery with a breech baby, twins or a vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC). They often make decisions based on fear – not statistics. OB’s often handle emergencies in birth and unfortunately will then treat a low risk mother the same way they would a high risk patient and it’s wrong!

If you are attempting a VBAC, they warn of you of what can go wrong attempting a vaginal delivery, but they don’t tell you all the facts about the consequences of repeat cesareans. They don’t tell you that PLACENTA ACCRETA (when placenta grows too deep into the uterine wall requiring a surgical removal and a possible hysterectomy) INCREASES with every cesarean you have. They may not mention that if you have a PLACENTA PREVIA (when the placenta partially or completely covers the cervical opening) you will likely have Placenta Accreta. They tell you that the possibility of having these complications makes it too risky to have a vaginal birth, so women are pressured and often downright BULLIED into have repeat cesareans, which ultimately are putting them at higher risks for these and other complications with every additional cesarean they have. Source: VBAC Facts.

In the hospital, women are forced to sign paperwork consenting to surgeries we DO NOT WANT and DO NOT NEED. What if we held the hospital accountable for the complications that arise from their forced cesareans? What if we had a contract of our own that spells out that we are being asked to sign documents for a procedure that is against our wishes? What if it releases the hospital from any liability for our successful vaginal deliveries but holds them accountable for any complications that arise from not only THIS delivery, but any complications that this delivery creates in the future? That contract now exists thanks to Dr. Stuart Fischbein and Birthing Instincts. You can view and download the contract below,and feel free to take it with you to the hospital. We all realize there isn’t anyone on the hospital staff that would sign this document, but this is something that we wish hospital administrators would realize how asinine their demands are for the laboring woman. Please use it as a tool to open up discussion with your provider and or hospital administration.

I’m not saying that if you have vaginal delivery that no complications will arise. We all know that birth of any kind isn’t without risk, but that’s why women chose to deliver in a hospital – in case an emergency arises. However women do not desire cookie cutter maternity treatment.  Women want to have their wishes heard and respected.  I will be happy when there is a line on hospital paperwork that reads: I freely accept the risk and benefits of my choice and desire to proceed with a vaginal delivery. I will happily sign a consent form taking responsibility for my decision and indemnify my physician and the hospital, and I know many women who agree.

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To download the contract click here.