Many mothers in the US will be going to deliver their first or subsequent child in a hospital, ALONE while the father of their newborn is deployed in another country, working or no longer in the picture.  Many of these moms have been uprooted from their families and are alone or worst yet, are homeless.  Many of these families can not afford a labor support person who will be with them throughout the entire labor and delivery of their precious baby.  That is why The Joy in Birthing Foundation was created.  To offer low cost or free doulas and childbirth educators to those families.
In addition to doulas,the JIBF has now added classes to their many roles.  If you are in need of a low cost doula, apply for one.  There are some  LOCAL doulas that can assist you in your labor and postpartum!  Feel free to apply for one, or contact me for information on local free or low cost doulas!