As much as I love my Volvo, she does have her moments.  She left me stranded on the freeway the other day and I was in a pretty sketchy location.  I was northbound on the 14 just north of Ave S.  I was right before the bridge and there wasn’t very much room on the shoulder.  Cars were flying fly at mach 0.75.  Somebody could have sneezed and I wouldn’t be here to tell this story.

I called AAA and requested a tow immediately.  The operator could hear the sense of urgency in my voice and called the CHP.  Within minutes a CHP officer was behind me with his lights on to alert oncoming traffic and the tow truck arrived.  I had called AAA but this wasn’t the AAA truck.  It was an operator who works with Go511 Los Angles.

There’s a slew of videos on the internet of people getting creamed because they broke down on the side of the freeway.  Here’s some tips to hopefully keep you from getting creamed, too:

  • Pull as far off to the right of the freeway as you can.
  • Call 511