So I don’t have a conventional house. My other half leaves by 4am for work, is hungry for a big meal in the morning, rarely is hungry for lunch and doesn’t eat dinner. I make a lot of breakfast sandwiches, changing up between sourdough bread, bagels, croissants, etc and always have lots of meat and cheese in the sammies. Lunches usually consist of a lot of light snacks or salads, pasta salads, burritos, and the occasional cold pizza. My kids are a product of divorce and we share custody 50/50. So that means I don’t cook dinner every day. I make dinner a couple times a week and there are ALWAYS leftovers in the house.

I ran across this blog this morning and I honestly couldn’t stop clicking from one link to the next to the next. I have a whole new set of ideas thanks to her ingenuity! From meal planning to freezer cooking (cooking in bulk) to SHARED COOKING. Oh and that is only the beginning! There are non food related things here too. I love this blog so much, I had to share. Click the link above. You can thank me later.