Nothing is more wounding than receiving judgment

Nothing is more wounding to a new mom than receiving criticism and judgment from those around you.  Here you are, completely brand new to being a mother, tired, confused and doing your absolute best to care for this tiny human who can’t communicate other than cry or scream and someone tells you that “You are wrong.”  This judgment comes from everywhere even when you least expect it- from professionals like callous nurses or doctors, from loved ones like in-laws or your mother, from total strangers at the grocery store even! It’s no wonder new mothers feel worried, doubtful of themselves and guilty all at once.

Very rarely do we receive support that tells us “You know exactly how to care for your child.  Your wisdom runs deep and I trust you to give your child exactly what they need.”


I am here to believe in you until you believe in yourself

Mama, that’s why I’m here.  I want to give you a way of combatting this judgement, and, more importantly I want to be here to believe in you until you believe in yourself.  I will hold up a mirror that sees the love and purity of your mommy heart, gaze deeply in your soul and let you know that you are a capable, competent, amazing mother.

To learn a simple pose to help you feel more confident in the face of judgement just click HERE

 Lesley is a wife, mother and entrepreneur who loves yoga and cute shoes.  She specializes in coaching new moms who wish to break through worry and transform their motherhood.   With 16 years working with children and families in social work and a Masters in Counseling, Lesley brings both education and life experience to helping mothers.  Her advice has been featured in Bustle, Fit Pregnancy,  and Mamapedia.  Find out more at and/or join her Facebook page