Introduction to Cloth Diapering

I’m a cloth diapering mom of three. Yep, three in diapers! My 3 year old toddler (who is finally getting the hang of potty training), and 7 month old twins. I don’t pretend to be an expert when it comes to cloth, but I’ve got a few years’ worth of experience under my belt and am happy to share my knowledge with other families.

Cloth diapering can be intimidating at first, and seem super overwhelming. So, I’ll share a few simple tips here and if you want to learn more, join me at the Introduction to Cloth Diapering Workshop on Wednesday, July 19th from 10-11am at the Antelope Valley Birth Center.

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Cloth Diapering Tips to Get You Started

– Cloth diapering doesn’t have to be an all or nothing commitment. ¬†We use disposables at times, and I’m so glad we have them available. Use cloth at home and disposables when you are out and about, or on vacation. Use disposables at night, or on laundry day, or just because you feel like it! Do what works for you and your family!

– Try a cloth diaper rental program to get a feel for what cloth diapers you like best, and get some great savings on building your stash. Several baby boutiques that specialize in cloth diaper sales also offer a rental program of a variety of diapers, and then let you put the cost of the rental towards diaper purchases.

– For additional cost savings, buy used. Just make sure to sanitize before using on your baby. And, consider selling your diapers once you are done with cloth, to recoup some of your money. There are lots of buy/sell/trade groups in the cloth diapering world.

– Don’t stress about poop stains. Your baby will poop in the diapers. That is what they are designed for. And, they may come out of the wash clean, but stained. Stains are OK! But, if they really bother you there are adjustments you can make to your wash routine to lessen staining. And, the sun is your friend!!!! Put your diapers in direct sunlight and watch those stains disappear!

– Want to use cloth wipes too? Awesome! No need to spend money on expensive cloth wipes. Baby washcloths make great wipes. Receiving blankets are also awesome, and you’ve probably got several extras on hand already. Just fold into squares and cut! Sure, you can get fancy and stitch the edges, but it is not necessary. My wipes are a little frayed, but hey, they are used to wipe poop from butts, so I really don’t care what they look like!


Want to learn more? Or maybe you are already cloth diapering and would like to share your own tips? Join me at the Introduction to Cloth Diapering Workshop on Wednesday, July 19th from 10-11 a.m. at the Antelope Valley Birth Center.

Introduction to Cloth Diapering

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

10:00 A.M.

Antelope Valley Birth Center

1505 West Ave J., Suite 203

Lancaster, CA 9353

Antelope Valley Birth Center