Minecraft by Roger by Marcus Perrson of BagoGames.  Creative Commons 2.0.

Play Minecraft at Cinemark 22 in Lancaster

$60 for four weeks of Minecraft on the big screen!  Every Wednesday afternoon starting at 4:30 from Star Wars Day (May 4th) through May 25th.

From the FAQs:

A:  Parents and non-gaming attendees do not have to sign up and are welcome to join their gamers inside the theatre. Anyone who wants to play must purchase a Super League: Rise of Heroes Ticket.

Q:  What is Super League Gaming?

A:  The first and biggest recreational league where gamers of all ages compete, socialize and play video games on the big screen in movie theatres worldwide.

A:  Our Minecraft Super League: Rise of Heroes is only for laptop gaming. Every week, each gamer must bring their own fully-charged laptop with Minecraft 1.9.2 installed. Sorry, iPads and tablets (including Microsoft Surface) are not compatible with Super League: Rise of Heroes. Don’t forget to bring your mouse if you normally game with one.


Source: Super League Gaming