Sagebrush Cafe Coffee and Art House

The Sagebrush Cafe Coffee and Art House is a great little cafe in Quartz Hill.  Located right on the corner of L-14 and 50th St West, across the from Post Office and Dominos Pizza.  If you are a fan of local coffee shops or just want to try something different that the retail chain stores, give this place a try.  I suggest the Earl Grey Mountain if you’re into tea or my go-to coffee drink which is a non-fat, half-sweet mocha with no whip cream.

Source: Sagebrush Cafe – Sagebrush Cafecoffee & art house We are an independent coffee house in downtown Quartz Hill, CA offering gourmet coffees and teas, patio seating, free WiFi, and (way) more.  Open 7 Daysm-f: 6:30 am to 8 pm  sa: 7 am to 7 pmsu:    7 am to 6 pm