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Birth Story: Education and Support Leads to a Positive Birth Experience for One Local Mom

I absolutely love getting feedback like this! I like it even more when women are willing to share their positive birth stories. If you’re looking for empowerment and you want to achieve your ideal birth, your best chance for success is education and support. Take a Lamaze class and find someone you trust to stand by your side when you go into labor. Have a read: So, I wanted to share with you my giving birth experiences, before and after your Lamaze class. When I went into labor with my first baby, obviously I didn’t know too much about...

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CMQCC Toolkits for Informed Birth Decisions

About the CMQCC California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative (CMQCC) toolkits are excellent resources not just for hospitals and physicians but for women and families who want to make informed birth decisions.  Their first Toolkit to Support Vaginal Birth and Reduce Primary Cesareans was instrumental in reducing maternal morbidity throughout California by 55% in only seven years. The key is their Maternal Data Center (MDC) which provides over 200 participating hospitals with metrics and benchmarking data that can be used in near real-time to improve outcomes.  By linking discharge data to birth certificates the CMQCC is able to compare hospital performance on...

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Your Birth Lamaze Classes Now Offered Through City of Palmdale

Lamaze Classes Now in Palmdale Your Birth is excited to announce that Lamaze Childbirth Classes are now offered through the City of Palmdale Parks and Recreation Department! In partnership with the City of Palmdale, Your Birth will now be offering Lamaze Classes on Wednesday evenings beginning January 10th, 2018. Visit City of Palmdale website to sign up. Class sizes are limited.  Course registration is open so don’t wait…book your spot today! Lamaze Classes in Palmdale Wednesdays, 6 to 9 pm Legacy Commons 930 East Ave Q-9 Palmdale, CA, 93550   Legacy...

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Breastfeeding Its Best for Mother and Baby

Many people don’t realize what Lamaze is all about.  They think it’s the same old breathing methods their mothers and grandmothers were taught decades ago.  But if you take a few minutes to read about todays Lamaze and the six healthy birth practices, you’ll find it’s all about taking your time and letting nature run its course.  That’s right; this ain’t your ma’s Lamaze! In particular, Lamaze healthy birth practice six teaches that keeping mother and baby together is best.  It’s best for mother, baby and for breastfeeding.  In this article on Lamaze.org, Judith Lothian discusses how much you should eat and drink while breastfeeding, some good positions to hold your baby, and most importantly, how to take cues from your baby to help you both have a wonderful experience. If you’re considering breastfeeding after baby is born, give this article a look, then search for a Lamaze class near you.  And if you’re in the Antelope Valley, visit Catherine Cook.  She’s a board certified lactation consultant at the AV Birth...

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