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The Transformative Power of Bids for Connection | TEDxUCR

Butler’s Coffee  •  Tue, Jul 18  •  10:oo am  •  Kid Friendly AVBRN member Lesley Yadon will be at Mom’s Circle tomorrow morning, July 18, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. discussing how to calm your mom worry!  This is a free event at kid friendly Butler’s Coffee in Palmdale. Visit her website and stop by for a coffee. In this vulnerable and inspiring talk, Lesley Yadon describes how bids for connection helped transformed her motherhood and eventually led her to re-creating her life with less worry and more joy. Lesley applies the concept of “bids for connection,” created by John...

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Can we talk about periods?

“My favorite thing to talk about, are the things you’re NOT supposed to talk about” – Miki Agrawal She had me right there.  I am SO the same way! That being said, can we talk about periods for a minute? You see I have two girls, one in 5th grade and one in 7th.  Guess what they and their friends are talking about these days, PERIODS.  And guess who they talk to? The lady with the uterus. Mind you, my girls are completely embarrassed by the fact that their mother talks about periods, placenta and uteri so casually (especially...

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I’m Glad Someone Told Me | Stephanie Sprenger

Our babies don’t all coo blissfully and sh*t unicorn glitter. This is a great read! Whatever your transition to motherhood entails, we’re here to provide you with love, support, and validation. Join us at our weekly Mom’s Circle for some quality time with other mothers who will lift you up and let you know you’re not alone in the motherhood journey. And, if you’re wanting some additional support during the postpartum transition, we can recommend some excellent postpartum doulas! Source: I’m Glad Someone Told Me | Stephanie...

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