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Comfort Measures for Childbirth

Designed for today’s busy family, Comfort Measures for Childbirth is the perfect class to start your journey, practice what you’ve already learned or brush-up and get ready for your birth. This 3 hour class is on Wednesday, January 11 at 6 pm at the AV Birth Center. At a comfort measures class you’ll learn the basic positioning, movements, and techniques for helping reduce pain and increase your ability to achieve your ideal birth. This class will have less lecture and more hands-on as you get ready greet your new arrival. Discussion, demonstration, and practice: Birth ball and peanut ball...

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Clinical Trial Using a Rebozo to Turn Breech Babies is Underway

A new clinical trial using a rebozo to turn breech babies is underway. When your baby is breech your doctor is probably going to present you with a plan to do a cesarean section.  But there’s a couple things you can try. First, your doctor can try what’s called an “external cephalic version” which is where he or she tries to manually turn your baby.  “External” means the doctor places his hands on the outside of your belly. Another way is to use a rebozo.  A rebozo is a long shawl traditionally worn by Hispanic women and can be used during labor by doulas to help with comfort measures.  But there’s a growing trend of using the rebozo to help turn breech babies.  That’s what this clinical trial is all about. All of the doulas in AVBRN are familiar with using a rebozo to help with comfort measures and a few have formal training.  In fact, the very popular Spinning Babies techniques by Gail Tully makes use of the rebozo. Prescribing the use of a rebozo to facilitate an external cephalic version is outside the scope of practice for a birth doula.  However, your rebozo and Spinning Babies trained birth doula can discuss the procedure with you and your doctor and see if it could be of benefit. Source: Rebozo and External Cephalic Version in Breech Presentation. – Full Text View –...

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