The very next day after writing my blog about how to restart a bad day (3 Keys to pushing the restart button on a bad day) I had one of those days. Arthur woke up at 3am and didn’t go back to sleep and I had soooo much work to do that day! The morning just started out sucky and my brain felt so foggy and heavy. I was mad. Not at Arthur but at reality.

The truth is, I struggled big time with my own Key #2. I really, really wanted to feel sorry for myself. I didn’t want to follow my own advice and, I admit, I stayed grumpy for longer than I’m proud of.

That’s the beauty and pain of being a mother, you constantly are presented with opportunities to practice becoming your best self. Yesterday I made progress because I didn’t allow myself to stay in self pity all day.  (Just part of it. lol.)  Instead, I focused on how I could show generosity to others.  

The strides we make in cultivating patience, mindfulness, generosity, authenticity, kindness are in equal proportion to our willingness to be introspective and take responsibility for our thoughts/feelings/actions.

We’re all in it together mama. Let’s hold hands and try again.