Jodi Rosen is a very welcome addition to AVBRN.  She leads two free breastfeeding support groups in the Antelope Valley and is currently the program manger for all things breastfeeding at AVPH.  Visit her AVBRN profile page and read about all that Jodi has to offer.




While she was pregnant with her third child, Jodi decided to leave hospital nursing and seek new challenges.  She attended the UCLA extensions Certified Lactation Educator program and received her CLE.  She worked with a Pediatricians office educating and counseling moms on breastfeeding.  In 2010, she went back to working in a hospital as a Lactation Specialist, teaching Prenatal Breastfeeding classes, assisting moms and their babies at the bedside as well in a Lactation Center.  In the last year, she has developed policies and procedures, protocols and curriculums on Breastfeeding (CLE program), High Risk Pregnancy, and Newborn Assessment. In 2014, Jodi became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).  She is the Program Manager for Antelope Valley Partners for Health Lactation Center, a Welcome Baby Nurse Lead, Nurse Educator, CPR instructor, and IBCLC for the Antelope Valley Partners for Health Lactation Center.

Source: Jodi Rosen RN, BSN, IBCLC