As a birth worker, I am always looking to keep updated on not only evidence based birth related information, but anecdotal evidence and legal rights in pregnancy and labor.  I want to know what has worked for families in order to best support their needs. Unfortunately, some people want to discredit doulas and midwives simply because we haven’t had medical training (as if attending thousands of births means nothing).  So having a doctor that thinks like a midwife would be ideal for most parents, however most doctors practice in the Medical Model of Care, as opposed to the Midwifery Model of Care.

So when I was introduce to Dr. Stuart Fischbein at a breech panel, it was amazing.  Finding out he is local and that I could not only reach out to him, but I could refer my clients to him, felt like I like hit the jackpot! While Dr. Stuart Fischbein, or “Dr. Stu” to most of his colleagues and clients, is an obstetrician he has seen the value in collaboration with midwives and doulas.  He has determined that a hands off approach is best and he understands that in most cases, a woman’s body will give birth with little to no intervention.  Because of this, he has changed his practice and has become the only OB, here in Southern California that will assist a woman in delivering her baby either at home or at a birth center.  While he is hired for the occasional first time mom having a vaginal delivery,  he primarily assists in breech, twin and VBAC deliveries as all are being pushed out of the hospitals in Southern California, and much of the US.

In addition to the work he does with his clients, he does a podcast when available, that is geared to not only birth professionals but primarily, to parents.  He wants to spotlight how doctors routinely perform practices on women in pregnancy and labor that may not be in your best interest.  He wants consumers to see that in order to have better outcomes that you must challenge the system and it starts by becoming educated on your options and the need to talk to your provider about them.  He wants us all to start demanding better care for ourselves and our babies! So if you are already a mother or if you plan on becoming a mother, I urge you to listen to his podcasts.  You can find him on iTunes at or you can find his podcasts on his website at  There you can even watch a beautiful breech delivery that he assisted.